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Riding Lessons

A Variety of Riding Lessons Available

Horses are dynamic, beautiful, and powerful animals. They can be functional, helping ranchers with daily tasks, or purely entertainment, learning a diverse variety of equestrian skills of a multitude of disciplines, English and Western. Riding a horse is a valuable skill and activity or pastime for people. Learning how to ride a horse can be a challenge if you have not been exposed to the skill from a young age. Luckily, the team at Moose Hill Ranch is proud to offer horseback riding lessons. Our horseback riding lessons are perfect for people of all ages and all abilities. Whether you are just starting or have years of experience already, our team can help. Our instruction is led by Ruth, who has over 35 years of hands-on riding experience.

At Moose Hill Ranch, we offer riding lessons for a variety of functions and purposes. Some people simply want to know the basics of riding a horse or want to ride a horse more naturally. Other students have a specific task or skill in mind and want to take riding lessons to learn more about barrel racing, dressage, flatwork, or jumping. We understand that horseback riding is a varied interest that appeals to many people, all wanting to learn how to ride horses for a different reason. Whatever your interest, our facility can help. Our head instructor, Ruth, has years of experience and has even authored books about horses, so clients fully understanding their care, personality, and behavior. To learn more about our riding lessons, reach out to Moose Hill Ranch today to schedule an introductory meeting, tour the facility and discuss our available lessons.

Moose Hill Ranch
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