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Arena grass east view
Over 600 acres of scenic countryside to enjoy

Our goal when building this equestrian centre was to provide a first class boarding facility for the comfort and safety of all horses and for the riders to enjoy their horses to the fullest extent – no matter what their level of equestrian expertise.  The heated 40' x 200' barn has 23 box stall capacity, a 16' wide aisle, 1" rubber matting, underfloor heating and features a fresh-air return air cleansing system. This allows every horse in the barn to have access to the exact air quality and humidity they require for optimum health.

box stall
box stall
The Good Life

Every indoor horse has an individual paddock for turn outs during the day, and there are also pastures of 20 - 55 acres each for this purpose, depending on the preference of the boarders. Mares and geldings are separated so there is no fighting in the herd. We limit the numbers of horses in each of our pastures to keep the pastures at a healthy level.

Other amenities in the barn include a wash rack, large tack rooms, and private lockers. Every boarder is assigned a 30” x 40” x 72” metal locker which has hooks, shelf and a saddle rack for their own personal tack storage.

There is a large area for hanging horse blankets at night so they are dry when put on the horses turned out in the morning. The facilities include an office, utility room, vet room, as well as ladies and men’s private washrooms. It also has a large lounge with leather furniture, kitchen complete with microwave, stove, fridge, cooler filled with ‘healthy’ drinks, and dining room where clients can eat meals and snacks, relax or socialize.

Riding Facilities

The main heated 84’ x 200’ riding arena is attached to the main barn. The arena has washed sand for footing. It is available for lessons, training, and any events that we host. Boarders have access to the arena except when jumping lessons are underway. There are  bleachers in a viewing area for spectators.

An outside riding exercise ring is close to the arena and available which is 80’ x 120’ and can be used whenever the indoor arena is busy or the weather is favorable to ride outside. There is also another large outdoor arena that is 110’X300’ with a jumping course, pylons etc. for use. A round pen with metal piping is available for training. 

Moose Hill Ranch Equestrian Centre also offers a 90 acre cross country course which has large spruce trees, trails throughout it, jumps, creeks, etc. for any riders who want some cross country challenges. Few boarding facilities can boast the ride-able acreage of Moose Hill Ranch – which offers 600 acres of fields, lanes, trails and pristine countryside to ride through, right next to the Elbow River.

Moose Hill Ranch
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