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Horse Boarding Near Me

Find Options for Horse Boarding Near Calgary

Calgary is a big, expansive city with plenty going on in the urban setting. A rural setting in necessary for boarding a horse and we are only 20 minutes from Calgary. Moose Hill Ranch is in a perfect location, so close to the city. We are easy to get to and are local to other residents in neighboring areas, including Bragg Creek, Cochrane, and Priddis, Millarville etc. Our close distance from the city still allows us to offer over 600 acres of room for your horses to run, train, and roam. We provide many boarding options so that you have a range of choices that fit your horse's needs and fit your budget and price point. Our stables and horses are well cared for and have access to every necessity they may need.

Our indoor boarding is a perfect option for our clients and their horses. Our 40-foot by 200-foot barn features 23 boxstalls for your horses to live. The boxstalls all have access to fresh water to keep your horses well hydrated throughout the day. Each boxstall is 10 foot by 12 foot and includes solid 1-inch thick rubber matting to keep your horse comfortable and clean. Plus, all the horses boarded in our boxstalls will have access to the pastures from sunup to sundown. Choose to bring your specialty feed for your horses, which we will be happy to feed free of charge, or choose to use the organic hay we offer to our horses. Moose Hill Ranch understands that horses are unique animals that require special needs. With all these options of choices, we are happy to provide top-quality care, service  and protection for your horses.

Moose Hill Ranch
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