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We make your horse comfortable – indoors or out!

There are 3 pastures available for outside boarders from 20-55 acres. There is plenty of grass pasture and hay is placed in two feeders at all times. We roll feed out in any inclement weather so all horses get their share of feed. There are electric stock waterers in each field. There is a horse shelter in the mare's pasture. The fields are all surrounded by large spruce trees which the horse prefer for cover in any bad weather.

In order to accommodate the boarders who have their horses outside, a separate barn is also provided for them with heated tack room, area to hang blankets and a large area with mangers for tacking up.


Individual paddock boarding is available with pipe fencing in 24' x 48' areas. There are also paddocks double this size available.

box stall

The versatility of Moose Hill Ranch Equestrian Centre sets the stage for a truly comfortable experience for you and your horse. There are 23 box stalls in our heated 40' x 200' barn. It has under floor heating and a fresh air exchange unit which cleans the air and maintains it at a perfect humidity to optimize the health of the horses. All clients with indoor boarding have a 10' x 12' stall assigned to them which has 1" rubbing matting. There are individual waterers and mangers in each box stall. The horses are brought in at night and turned out in the early a.m. Blanketing is included in the monthly fee. They are turned out during the day to an individual paddock (sturdy pipe fencing) or a 20 acre pasture depending on the preference of the boarder. Specialty feeds (complete feed, pellets, minerals etc.) are provided by the boarders and stored in a separate special metal grainery and fed (at no additional charge) to the horses in a.m. & p.m. as requested. We are pleased to feed certified organic square bales to all horses in our barn.

Moose Hill Ranch
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