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Pasture Boarding Near Me

Find Horse Pasture Boarding Near Me

Moose Hill Ranch is an all-inclusive equestrian centre. We are passionate about horses, and we hope to share this same passion with fellow horse lovers. At our equestrian centre, we offer horse lovers plenty of opportunities to unite and celebrate their love of horses. We offer several lesson options for people who want to learn more about horseback riding. We provide simple lessons to help people learn to ride more naturally and specific courses to help instruct people all areas of your choice --in dressage, barrel racing, or jumping etc. We can also offer a place for you to board your horses when it isn't possible to keep your horses boarded at home on your property. For boarding, we offer several options, including indoor boarding in box stalls, paddock and outdoor pasture boarding.

If you search for “pasture boarding near me,” understand that not all pastures have the same service, facility, and area to roam. At Moose Hill Ranch, we offer three different pastures for your horses ranging from 25 acres to 55 acres. Horses will have access to hay in feeders, which is available at all times, plus plenty of summer grass. We keep two different feeders fully stocked to make sure horses will always have food available. Plus, our pastures are surrounded by mature spruce trees, which help keep the horses protected in inclement weather. Our pasture boarders have access to a fully functional barn with a heated tack room and very large individual lockers. At Moose Hill Ranch, we understand that horses need plenty of space to roam and run, and our three pastures are ideal for perfect exercise for your horse when boarded. 

Moose Hill Ranch
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