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Learn Horseback Riding and Varied Equestrian Skills 

Horseback riding is a fun skill to learn that is practical and entertaining. Learning to ride horseback can serve a purpose and function, allowing you to navigate your farm, ranch or trails and take you places that may be impassable on foot. Or horseback riding can be entertaining as a sport, learning to barrel race, jump, or perform intricate dressage movements. Regardless of your interest, the team at Moose Hill Ranch can help. Our instructor/trainer, Ruth, has over 35 years of teaching  and horse training experience and can provide comprehensive lessons to people regardless of age or ability. We can help teach children and adults who are just beginning or seasoned professionals. Learn a brand-new skill or help to develop and refine your existing skills. 

At Moose Hill Ranch, we simply want people to enjoy being around their horse, make new friends and be in the great outdoors.

Horse training takes a particular type of patience and passion to relate to the horse. It requires a firm attitude but a gentle hand as well. If you need help training your horse to perform specific skills or tasks, reach out to our professional team for assistance. We provide horse training for all disciplines and we always customize the horse training for your exact chosen needs and your wishes for your horse.  At Moose Hill Ranch expansive facility, Ruth can help further your equestrian goals. For more information about our lessons and various horse training services, please feel free to call us at anytime. 

Moose Hill Ranch
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